​Gourmet, from scratch and gluten free!

We want our products to be amazing and not good just for being gluten free. We make each and every donut, cupcake, and cookie with love by hand. Just because you have a food allergy or restrictions doesn't mean you have to lower your standards!


Our story is one of taking lemons in life and turning them into lemonade! Hi, I’m Sammi and after being sick for many years I was diagnosed with severe Gluten Intolerance which meant eating a strict Gluten Free diet. In search of good gluten free products, I bought anything I could find but none of the baked goods hit the mark so I decided to make it myself. I grew up baking with my mom and her with her grandmother and that meant having high quality expectations. I was determined that being gluten free didn’t have to mean sacrificing taste and quality! So we became gluten free bakery experts. As a mother/daughter team we used my Great Grandmothers recipes and a knowledge of gluten free to turn our hand-crafted baked goods into this amazing business that has become a passion for helping others with food allergies like myself.

"My goodness that was amazing! I was tentative to eat it (because it's gluten free) but it was so good I couldn't believe it was gluten free. You have a gift, thanks for sharing your glorious treats!"


"Those donuts are unbelievable!"

"Gluten Free is usually weird and not very good, but these are SO GOOD!"