New Survival Bread

Survival Bread is our take on wholesome home style crusty bread. All of those dents and imperfections are because it is real (never processed), from scratch and handmade. It’s not always perfect and smooth, just like life. Why is it called “Survival Bread”? Because during times like these, like right now during quarantine, we’re just trying to survive and it’s not always pretty. But we believe to the bottom of our soul, deep down in our hearts, that we can not only survive during this time but also thrive.

We're committed to you, our customers who we consider part of our Sammi's Stuff family, which is why we’re bringing our new bread to you right now when you need us most. Bread is a staple in most kitchens which is why bread is more popular than ever right now (you know like right before a snow storm when everyone runs out to grab milk, eggs and bread?) that’s why we felt the timing was right to bring to you the best dang bread out there that just happens to be gluten free.

We've taken over 3 years to develop our recipe to make it as awesome and perfect for you as possible. We don’t just want another white sliced bread that falls apart #NotYourAverageWhiteBread but we wanted something that’s stable and hearty enough to hold your toppings like cheese, turkey, cinnamon sugar, pepperoni – the options are limitless. Also, it doesn’t come presliced to ensure moistness and you can choose your own thickness – for those of you who like it thin or thick, you do you! Follow us on social for inspiring bread ideas and recipes. We want to know how you're surviving AND thriving right now. Tag us with your favorite ways to use Survival Bread! We will be picking winners every week to win a “Survival Package”.